A Trip To Europe Pt 7: Budapest* Pt. 1(Take My Breath Away) Giorgio Moroder. Sung by Berlin

*Buyer’s remorse (or buyer’s regret) is the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It is frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car, console or house. It may stem from fear of making the wrong choice, guilt over extravagance, or a suspicion of having been overly influenced by the seller.

Without a doubt Budapest was my biggest wild card in my mind.  I  wasn’t completely sold on it when I first booked this trip.  I secured all my accommodations and flights and when I sat down and looked at the trip in full and Budapest was just staring at me.

Was I really sure I wanted to go here?

What do I really know about Budapest?

Will I even come close to having a good time?

So I leave Prague with the trepidation that this may not have been a good idea.  So when can I go back?  I was floored.  All I can say is that this was the most beautiful city that I visited. Hands down.  A city with spectacular architecture, a mix of old and new(as most European cities I’ve visited), a lot of good food, from what I can tell, a healthy tourist economy and a vibrant nightlife.

I arrive by train and head straight for the apartment that I rented.  So far in my Airbnb experience I can honestly say there’s always been something that’s not quite the same as the original photos indicated.  Thus time though, it was the complete opposite.  The place matched the pictures.  Score.    After exchanging pleasantries and information on places to go around town I head out and explore a little..

I walk down towards the Danube.  Another chilly night in central Europe.  Something I did not plan for.  I will definitely have to buy a sweater tomorrow.  The view from the Danube is spectacular at night.  The magnificent sites are lit up and are massive.  I continue down the Danube and realize that it’s time for dinner.  I stop in at a restaurant that was recommended to be by the owner of the apartment.

It was located just up the road from the Danube.  I ordered a pint and a chicken meal with eggplant and potatoes that was delicious.  I ate my meal, had my beer and asked for my bill.  The waiter brings me my bill and I realize that I’m in trouble.  The bill with tip was $20.  For the meal I had it would have cost me about $35 over here in Canada.  It was going to be a lot of eating if this is what it was going to cost me.

Day 2 in Budapest was stunning.  It was a clear cold day.  I was definitely not prepared for it.  I headed out and just started wandering.  I headed toward Chain Bridge and Buda Castle.  I luckily passed by a couple of shops that were selling sweaters so I picked one up to keep warm.  I reached the Danube i couldn’t believe how big Buda Castle was.  I just stood there and marveled at it.   I all of a sudden realized that I had been stationary for too long and started walking toward Chain Bridge.   I must say that Chain Bridge was beautiful.  I found it nicer than Charles Bridge.  I think not being hounded by vendors helped.

I crossed the bridge and headed to the top of Buda Castle by cable car.  I toured the castle grounds and found myself in awe at the sights you can see.  I finished up at Buda castle and headed over to Matthias Church.  It’s in an area within walking distance that seems to be traffic controlled.  It seemed you had to be a local to be able to drive in the area.  I strolled around and visited the church.  I skipped the bell tower tour as I had something else in mind.


I left, grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back to the Pest side so I can visit my next site.  I headed back across the Chain Bridge and started toward St. Stephen’s Basilica.  As I walked toward the basilica I passed a storefront where a lady was in the middle of making cakes.  I stood and watched for a minute and decided to go in and have a piece of cake.  I figured I deserved it after all the walking I had done.



I headed For the basilica and bought my ticket to go to the top of the dome.  After taking a small elevator ride I still had to a climb a couple of flights of stairs.(which wasn’t an issue after all that walking, thanks to all the squats my trainer made me do. I still owe her a thank you)  Reaching the top I walked outside and enjoyed the view.  I stayed close to the wall as I walked around the dome as I scanned the city as it was very windy.  Not a great situation when you’ve got a small fear of heights.


To Be Continued………

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