A Trip To Europe Pt. 4: The Final Countdown(Europe) Pt. 2*

*I’m not changing it.  Even if it’s cliche.

5 Days To Go: Start getting everything organized at work for while I’m away. Make sure items are stocked up.  Tie up some minor loose ends.  Staffing etc.  Workout. Watch presidential debate.

4 Days To Go:  Make sure bank accounts are and credit cards are ready to go.  Appointments, make sure more items are stocked up at work, take out suitcase.

3 Days To Go: Organize clothes.  Check electronic devices. make sure they are fully charged.  Make sure I have all cables that are needed.  JuJubes!  Very important travel snack.  Go over itinerary.

2 Days To Go:  Final full day of work.  Final workout before I go.  Check In for flight.  Start packing.  Last minute shopping for things I forgot.

Day of Departure: Tie up any loose ends.  Get to the airport.  Time to get excited!

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