A Trip To Europe Pt. 3: The Final Countdown(Europe)* Pt. 1

*Seriously.  What song did you think I would pick? 🙂

Yes.  The final countdown has begun.

10 Days to go:  “You’re leaving us?  Where are you going?”  That’s the response I get from some of staff.  They don’t want me to leave.  But now I’m home and the checking and double-checking starts.  Email some of the tours I booked and confirm them.  Check.  Email fellow travelers who are joining me and confirm their involvement.  Check.  Start stocking up extra supplies so there isn’t any problems at work.  Check.

9 Days To Go:  Passport  is in good standing(probably should have made sure of that well before 9 days out, but I already knew it was).  Email Airbnb hosts and confirm accommodations.

8 Days To Go:  First day of fall. Chilly out. Put pants and shorts that I will wear to the side to pack. Go to bank. Get all accounts squared away. Make sure my daily withdrawal limits are low just in case. Confirm all appointments between now and when I leave.

7 Days To Go: Work.  Received final confirmation from Airbnb hosts.  Get suitcases out.  Surprise email from BA about needing an eTA for entry into Canada.  Double check that info.

6 Days To Go:  Nothing planned. Nieces first birthday party. Everything else can wait.

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