A Trip To Europe Pt. 2: The Waiting(Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

So It’s January, kind of cold and you’ve just booked a trip to Europe that’s 9 months away.  now you sit and wait and wait and wait.  Oh, and you wait some more.  So what do you do?

Waiting for a trip so far out is so many things.

It’s exciting because there’s this new adventure.  New places to see.  Cultures to experience.  Countries and cities that so many people just don’t get a chance to go to.  It’s frustrating because it’s just so far away.  Time seems to drag on forever.  Especially when summer is still to come before you go away.  Those days seem to last forever.  I did feel a little bit of remorse.  It was a lot of money to spend.   Money that could have gone elsewhere, but this is something I needed to do.  And yes it tests your patience.

It’s frustrating cause there’s so much time before you have to go.  Its frustrating because you receive an email saying that have cancel where you end your cruise because of security concerns in Istanbul(completely understandable), and you have to re-book flights hoping you can keep the first cls seats you miraculously got(I did).

It’s remorseful because, it sets you back enough money to put a down payment on a nice car.

But it will be worth it because it will be the trip of a lifetime.  At least for now.

You fill that waiting with research, shopping(a new umbrella, a travel case for all your cords and electronics, and books), a new outfit for going out, making sure everything you’ve planned is a go, and making sure everything is taken care of before you go.

And now it’s now 10 days out and the excitement starts.

Can’t wait!!!!!

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